Thank you for visiting the Suwannee Valley Resort Website - We would like to take a few moments and update you on how we are currently handling the Coronavirus Pandemic at Suwannee Valley Resort.until Governor

                                                             Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

Members, Guest and Residents:

Now that Governor DeSantis has officially announced Phase 1 of his “Safe-Smart-Step by Step” plan for
re-opening Florida we have made a few minor adjustments to our previous announcement.
The management team still feels that a phased reopening of Suwannee Valley Resort is the best
approach based on the information we have been provided by Federal, State and Local government
guidelines. We will be limiting the capacity of the park based on the guidelines that have been set forth. 
We have already taken several reservations that will begin on May 1 and will continue to limit the
number of reservations that we take moving forward based on the current recommendations. Limiting
the capacity of the park will include the number of day visitors that are allowed in also. Though the
Governor has stated that Florida is reopening May 4th, we are considered essential, so we did not need
to close our resort down for the last 6 weeks but choose to. Therefore, we are beginning our gradual
opening on May 1st.

We also ask that any day visitors please call ahead to the resort to make sure that we are not at
capacity. We do not want you to drive here and then be turned away at the gate.

1.Screening Process – We are implementing a new screening process for ANY new arrivals to the
resort. This process will include a few questions as well as taking your temperature. If you have
a fever upon your arrival YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED INTO THE RESORT.

2.Social Distancing – We will continue to follow social distancing guidelines as outlined by the
Federal, State and Local authorities. Meaning that the configuration at the pavilions, lodge and
pool area will remain in effect. We ask that you do not move any of the chairs or tables around.

a. We are also asking that you keep any gatherings at your site to 10 guests or fewer.
b. Be sure that when gathering in small groups to keep the distance between individuals to 6 feet.

3.Restaurant and Bar – The bar will remain closed until Governor DeSantis lifts the current ban on
On the weekend of May 1st – 3rd we will be offering Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner to go. Per
the Governor we still need to keep our seating area closed.

Beginning May 8th – we will open our lodge, game room and pavilion area for the following
a. Breakfast – Will be available on Saturday and Sunday from 8:30am– 10:30 am
b. Lunch – Will be available on Saturday and Sunday from 12:00pm – 2:00p
c. Dinner – Will be available on Friday night and Saturday night at 6:30pm
i. Seating will be available in the dining room for 18 guests. Additional seating will
be available in both pavilions and we will continue to offer to go orders for
those that choose to do so.
d. Coffee – Will be available Monday – Sunday from 8:00am – 10:30am in the lodge – hand
sanitizer will be available to use prior to helping yourself please do so to be considerate
of others.

4. Pool and Hot Tub – We have placed seating around the pool with 2 chairs together and then
spaced out to meet the requirements. Please do not remove these chairs. We have had people ask if
they can bring their own chairs, you may but they will have to be placed outside the fence in the grass
area. We will all work together to allow people to have time in the pool area. We are allowing 10 people
at a time in the pool and 4 in the hot tub. This allows for us to follow the state guidelines on social
distancing. We want to make sure that everyone has time to enjoy and we know that we can accomplish
this working together.

5. Memorial Day Weekend – Memorial Day Weekend is planned for May 22nd – May 25th. We will
be moving forward with our annual Memorial Day Weekend celebration.  We are still planning at
this time to have bands for this event to be held outside.

6. Nude Rock 2020 - Nude Rock is still scheduled for June 5th – June 7th and are planning to go
forward with this in our outside venue.

7. Weekly Events – Happy Hour, Water Aerobics and Bowling League will continue to be suspended
though May 15th. We will keep you informed as new information is available.
There were several events canceled in March and April due to the COVID 19 Pandemic. Some of these
events have been moved to other dates, others are canceled till 2021. We encourage you to visit our
Calendar of Events located on our website for an updated list of events for this year. Our weekly
newsletter will continue to keep you informed of upcoming events as well.

We would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding during this pandemic. We
understand that it has been extremely difficult on everyone and look forward to seeing all our friends
return to Suwannee Valley Resort.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments we ask that you please direct them to BG, Tom, Vicki
or Matt. 

Thank you,
The Management Team

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