COVID-19 Update

Safety First

Suwannee Valley Resort wants to insure that you are kept updated on how we are handling the Corona Virus at our resort.  We encourage all visitors to visit this page often for the latest updates. In addition we ask that you stay informed regarding the latest developments of the Corona 19 Virus. Suwannee Valley Resort continually checks with the Florida Department of Health and the CDC to ensure that we are staying within their guidelines and recommendations at all times. Because of our strict adherence to both the Florida Department of Health and CDC guidelines we have not had a Covid 19 outbreak at our resort.

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Body temperature checkSafety is of the utmost importance for those visiting SVR. Everyone arriving will have their temperature checked using a non-contact forehead thermometer. There will also be a questionnaire for each guest to answer and sign. Only those with normal temperatures will be allowed on the grounds.

Hand cleaning All of our rental RV’s and Cabins are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between each guest stay. All beddings and linens are completely removed.  After all linens have been removed our housekeeping staff throughly cleaned all surfaces with hospital grade cleaner. All floors are mopped and disinfected as well. Once they have throughly cleaned the rental from top to bottom all areas are then sprayed with an additional disinfectant to ensure nothing was missed. This includes the bed, couches and chairs, light switches and knobs. Then fresh linens are put on the beds, fresh towels are brought in and then the rental will remain closed till our next guests arrival.

Suwannee Valley Resort has always taken great pride in how clean we keep our resort. Now with the Covid 19 pandemic we have taken it to a new level.

In addition to our normal cleaning routine we have added scheduled cleaning routines throughout the day.  Our staff wipe down public surfaces and use hospital grade disinfectant on all public areas. 

We also have hand sanitizer available available for our guests and encourage our guests to use the hand sanitizer to keep everyone in our resort safe.

Cleaning table by handTo ensure your comfort and safety we have arranged our dining area and bar to meet CDC and local guidelines regarding social distancing. Our staff continually clean and disenfect all public surfaces to ensure a safe enviornment for all of our guests and visitors.

We have arranged our chairs and lounging areas based on local guidelines. We ask that you do not move or rearrange any chairs or tables in the pool, hot tub or lounge area.

There are currently no restrictions to the number of guest allowed in the Pool or Hot Tub. We do ask that you practice social distancing when in these areas.

Face masksCurrently face masks are not required based on our local County and State guidelines. Therefore we do not require anyone to wear a face mask while visiting Suwannee Valley Resort.

We do encourage each individual guest to do what makes them feel comfortable. If you would like to wear a mask while visiting our resort, then please feel free to do so.

People making thumb up sign in circleYour safety and well being is Suwannee Valley Resort’s top priority. Rest assured that we will continue to follow local, state, and federal guidelines to help keep you safe during your visit to our resort. We ask that you check back on a regular basis to find out if there are any changes or updates to the local guidelines.

We look forward to you visiting us soon!

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