Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Do you allow singles to visit and stay at your resort?
A- Yes, for your first visits, We only allow male or female singles to visit Monday – Thursday from 9:00am – 4:00pm (During normal office       hours)
Q- Do I have to be naked right away at your resort?

A- No, but we are clothes free in the pool and spa area. You have the choice to be dressed or not dressed in all the other areas. We do this to keep gawkers away.
Q- Will there be children there?
A- No. All our guests must be 21 and up, they too would like somewhere to get away and relax from everyday life.
Q- Do you allow photography, can I bring my camera?
A- No, photography by guests, of any type, by any means (camera, cell phone, etc.) is forbidden.  Any persons appearing on this website, or on our Facebook page, have consented to have their photo taken by SVR Staff and have signed a release.  Any time that photos are being taken for promotional purposes there will be signs posted and staff on-hand to ensure that no guests are inadvertently photographed..
Q- Do you have lockers, or a dressing room / undressing area?
A- We have shower/bath house where you can dress/undress. However, we do not offer lockers. Therefore, you will want to secure any valuables in your vehicle.
Q- Will I be approached, harassed or “hit on”?
A- Because we do not allow any sexual activity out in the open this rarely happens. Simply report any unwanted advances and the staff will be sure to put a quick end to that behavior. We want all our guests to have an enjoyable visit in comfortable and safe environment.
Q- Can I just relax in or around the pool or will I be dragged into a volleyball (or other form of exercise) game?
A- We want everyone’s visit to be what is their version of perfect. Whether your version of perfect is sitting in the sun reading a book or a hearty game of volleyball you can find it at SVR. As the folks at SVR want to be inclusive, they will likely offer, but a simple no thanks will suffice.
Q- I am not a veteran; will I feel out of place because you support so many veterans at the resort?
A-  We hope not.  We realize that many people did not have an opportunity to serve in the Armed Forces or a as First Responder.  While we show our appreciation to these groups at every opportunity, we do not want anyone to ever feel out of place at SVR.  If you do, please tell us.
Q- I have scars, or missing body parts, can I wear a covering for those areas?
A-Yes, when you check in, ask to speak to one of the owners in private and we will make sure you are comfortable.
Q- Can I bring my own drinks or lunch with me?
A- Yes you are welcome to bring these with you. They are allowed in the pool area and in the band pavilion or by the river during the weekend when the restaurant is open.
Q- I see that you require a background check for all first-time visitors; why?  How long does it take?
A- We require a driver’s license for everyone coming into the resort. We run a background check using this, and will usually get an immediate response. If something appears on certain felony charges you will then be required to pay for an additional background check. This normally runs $40.
Q- Can I become a member before I visit to save myself some money?
A- We ask that everyone visits 2 – 3 times before coming a member. The reason for that is to make sure that you are comfortable with the resort and the same goes for on our end.

Q-  Why do people choose nudism?
A- Nudism is a healthy way of life – and SVR offers a safe, appropriate place to be clothing-free with like-minded people. In our way of life, your appearance just doesn’t matter. Whatever your body shape and size, when you visit SVR you’ll discover that self-acceptance is easy! Research shows that people who are open and comfortable with nudism are confident, at ease with themselves, and more accepting of differences.
Q-  Why do people choose Nude Recreation?
A- Nude recreation embraces the joy of living and experiencing nature in the most natural way possible. To relax and be nude is to let yourself be totally free. Although we enjoy clothing-free activities in appropriate settings, we also choose to wear clothes when practical. Nudists respect each other’s individuality. Our own self-esteem is enhanced by our ability to accept ourselves as we really are. We find it easy to accept others regardless of physical size, shape, or body condition. Moreover, social class distinctions, often indicated by clothing, disappear.
Q- What happens at a nudist resort that is different than going to a beach?
A- A resort has many amenities to make your visit relaxing and more enjoyable. It is also safer at SVR, because we do a background check on those that come to our resort.
Q- What happens if a man gets visibly excited?
A- It rarely happens. One thing that we always tell our guests is to carry a towel with you. If a man gets excited he can cover himself up. Once you are in the environment, you will see that this is not a problem.
Q- I am not comfortable with my body, what type of people will I encounter?
A- Whatever your body shape and size are when you come to SVR you will find that our life is not about your appearance, it doesn’t matter. You will soon find that self-acceptance is easy!  In fact, we offer a prize to anyone who can point out someone with a perfect body…no one has claimed it yet.
Q- I have heard that nudist resorts are full of swingers? Is that true? 
A- While it is possible swingers could be at any resort they are few and far between at SVR.  We do not allow ANY open sexual activity at the resort and set the expectation that this type of behavior MUST be kept behind closed doors.
Q- I am concerned that I will see someone there that I know, does that happen?
A- It does happen on occasion. However, everyone here is going to be likeminded and understand we want our privacy respected.  Remember, if they are here they probably are going to be very accepting and understanding of you being here.
Q- I have tattoos and/or body piercings, is that acceptable?
A- Yes, as long as everything is reasonably tasteful there should not be a problem.  Is something is reported as offensive, Management may ask you to remove the piercing or cover the tattoo.  This would include anything that is racist, vulgar or otherwise something that would offend a typical person. 
Q – I have heard about a “tushy towel”, what is that?
A- A Tushy Towel is a small towel, like a hand towel or small bath towel that you would carry with you when going somewhere will you will be a) bottomless and b)sitting down.  Nudist etiquette says that any time you sit somewhere (restaurant, bar, lounge chair, etc.) and you are not wearing anything to cover your buttocks, you place your Tushy Towel down before sitting (and take it with you when you leave).

Q- Can a single man/woman come to the resort?
A- Yes, single men and women can visit, subject to the same rules of behavior as everyone else.
Q- Do you allow same-sex couples to visit the resort?
A- Yes.  Because SVR is not about sex, or anyone’s sexual orientation, all are welcome.  If you ever feel discriminated against while at SVR, please ask to speak to one of the owners immediately.
Q- Do I need to make a reservation?
A- it depends on the time of the year and what is going on. We recommend that you check rather than arriving and finding that there is not anything available.
Q- Do you provide towels?
A- No, please bring a beach/bath towel with you for the Pool/Spa area and a small hand towel with you to sit on in all other places.
Q- What are the benefits of being an AANR or TNS club?
A- We are affiliated with AANR and TNS and there family values, we do not allow any sexual activity out in the open. What people do behind closed doors is their business.
Q- Do you mail things out to people that visit?
A- No.  If you ask for something to be mailed, we will. Otherwise, we only use email.
Q- What kind of entertainment   do you provide?
A- We work hard to have some form of entertainment each weekend. Many weekends we will have live music with bands.
Q- If I feel uncomfortable because someone is being inappropriate, what do I do?
A- People who enjoy nude recreation distinguish between nudity and sex and keep the two in their proper perspectives. SVR is careful about who enters the facility — and if anyone seems to be there for the wrong reason, they will be asked to leave. If someone approaches you, please say NO and if they persist please let management know and they will handle it.
Q- Why do I need to pay a Temporary Membership Fee (grounds fees)?
A- We are a private resort.  While many people choose to become long-term members, we do understand that people will want to “try before you buy” and so we offer daily temporary memberships to let you dip your toes into the experience.
Q. I have medical needs which require certain medicine. Is there a private place that I can use somewhere to store my medicine?
A. Yes you are welcome to get with one of the managers and they will keep them locked up in the back office.
Q- How much can I expect to spend for food and drinks?
A- Well, just like any place you may go, it depends on how much you eat and/or drink.  Our food and beverage prices are consistent with what you may pay in a family restaurant or local tavern.
Q- How do I pay?
A- Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express
Q- Is it possible to reserve a specific site or cabin when making a reservation?
A- We will do our best or honor any requests for a specific location.  As long as someone else is not already booked at that location, there should not be a problem.

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